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Unlike many other attorneys, we have always offered Flat Fee Services for many standard legal services. Litigation is not included. To get one of these services you can use our handy contact form or call (949) 645-0450 to get started.

1. Incorporation

Up to ten shareholders. This covers fees to prepare articles of incorporation, by-laws, and organizational minutes, as well as filing fees with Secretary of State, tax identification filing, S-Corp election (if CPA agrees), name reservation fee, and corporate kit.

2. Shareholder (Buy-Out) Agreement

Two or more shareholders of a corporation. This covers the agreement, as well as spousal consents and conflict letters.

3. Limited Liability Company (“LLC”)

Up to two members. This covers fees to prepare the articles of organization, operating agreement and spousal consents, conflicts letter, obtain EIN, as well as filing fees with Secretary of State, name reservation fee, and company kit. Recordation of property transfers, messenger and notary fees, if any, is additional.

4. Estate Plan – Will and Trust

For single person — or two spouses/partners – with net worth of $2 million or less. Includes Pour-Over Will. Trust Agreement. Healthcare Power of Attorney. Durable Power of Attorney. Recordation of property transfers and notary fees, if any, is additional.

5. Asset or Stock Sale Representation (Purchase or Sale)

Up to $2 million in net assets purchased or sold. Any kind of business. Preparation, drafting, negotiation and finalization (closing) of asset sale agreement. Includes Notice of Bulk Sale and related UCC filings; promissory notes and security agreements; employment agreements; property changes; lease assignments, etc.

6. Employee Regime

For companies with less than 25 employees. Detailed employee due diligence regime that sets out the company’s relationship with its employees, and includes various protections to reduce or limit liability and court litigation – from time of application all the way through termination.

7. Invoices, Contracts and Agreements

Preparation or re-drafting of company’s invoice to its customers/partners/sales agents/distributors in order to reduce or limit liability, limit loss of revenue and court litigation. Complex import-export transactions excluded.

8. Internet Purchase/Use Agreements

Detailed agreement that includes clauses to reduce or limit liability and court litigation.