Practice Areas

Corporate Law Practice Areas

  • Corporate counsel to numerous firms
  • Offer flat-fee incorporation services
  • Flat-fee shareholder (buy-out) agreements
  • Flat fee Limited Liability Company services
  • Flat fee business sucession services

Business Law Practice Areas

  • Offer contract and invoice drafting on a flat-fee basis
  • Specialize in distribution, agency and license agreements
  • Internet terms and conditions
  • Gym and recreational sports agreements
  • Terms and conditions for website use
  • Limited product warranties
  • Offer products liability due dilgency regime advice and counseling

Bankruptcy Law Practice Areas

  • Represent individuals and business compelled by trying economic circumstances to seek bankruptcy protection
  • Offer representation in Chapter 7, 13 and 11 cases

Collections Law Practice Areas

  • Offer advice and counsel on how to effectively collect amounts owed on unpaid invoices, work orders, promissory notes, mortgages, deeds of trust, liens and other debts
  • Represent individuals and businesses who need to collect on such debts

Maritime Law Practice Areas

  • Have litigated numerous cases involving shipowners, longshoremen, seamen, marinas, shipyard and marine services firms, including liens and preferred ship mortgages.

Renewable Energy Law Practice Areas

  • Offer advice and counsel on the statutes, regulations and rules applicable to the installation of renewable energy technologies — solar, wind, water and wave
  • Advice runs the gamut of permitting small systems to joint ventures involving wind farm power plants; and the labyrinthine permit process for obtaining water and wave permits.