Maritime Flags

The flags above at the top right of the page are maritime flags.  They have two meanings.

The first is they signify letters of the alphabet.  All of the flags above spell out “Mark D. Holmes.”  The firm’s logo is based on maritime flags, using geometric design and the use of negative space to convey meaning–sometimes more than one.

The second is that maritime flags are a means of communicating particular concepts – such as the direction the ship is headed; a danger that exists; or a request that another ship do something.

There are a great many signals that convey a great deal of information to a person who can understand them.  Not knowing what these flags are signaling, especially when the signaling ship is fast approaching, can often be confusing, even terrifying.  Just as on a ship underway, in the legal arena, there are also a great many signals, many that are difficult to understand, especially if you don’t have  the background and experience to deal with them, and especially if they are coming right at you.

After speaking with Mark, you will agree that he and his firm have the proper experience and background to help you effectively deal with often difficult and confusing legal issues or problems.

Source: Wikipedia Maritime Flags