Maritime and Transportation

We handle maritime transactions that involve:

  • Sales of vessels, marinas and marine businesses
  • Charters and Preferred Ship Mortgages
  • Shipment of goods – bills of lading, NVOCC and freight forwarding
  • Contracts for “necessaries” – repairs, supplies, food and other services
  • Sales of marinas and other marine businesses

We also handle maritime litigation involving:

  • Vessel sales, charters, repairs, sinkings and collisions
  • Foreclosure of preferred ship mortgages
  • General average
  • Cargo damage and loss
  • Personal injury and death – Jones Act; Longshore Act
  • Limitation of Liability Act
  • Oil and toxic waste spills
  • Salvage claims
  • Riparian rights

Mark D. Holmes has been practicing maritime law for seventeen years. He is a member of the Maritime Law Association of the United States; General Counsel to the Marina Recreation Association, the largest association of marinas in the Western United States.

Mark has litigated more than 100 maritime cases involving just about every imaginable matter .